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Progeny Advanced Genetics, Inc. strongly believes in respecting the legitimate intellectual property rights of others, just as we expect others to respect our rights in turn. Certain plant varieties described on this website are protected by one or more United States patents and/or Plant Variety Protection Certificates owned or licensed by Progeny as indicated on the labeling of our products. In addition, your use of these varieties may be restricted further as indicated on such labels.

The purchase of this seed grants you a limited license to use the seed for lettuce food production only. Any seed not used for such purchase shall be returned or destroyed. No part of the seed or plant grown from the seed, including but not limited to tissue, embryos, roots, leaves, pollen, germ plasma or other plant material, shall be used for multiplication, propagation, reproduction, breeding, crossing, selection, genetic engineering, reverse engineering research, hybridization, seed production, tissue culture, or any other use not reasonably related to growing lettuce for consumption. You further agree that you shall not sell, transfer or distribute the seed to any other person without ensuring that such other person agrees, in writing, to be bound by the terms of the Limited License.

The PVP Act was established “to encourage the development of novel varieties of sexually reproduced plants and to make them available to the public, providing protection available to those who breed, develop or discover, and thereby promoting progress in agriculture in the public interest.”

Utility Patents offer the same protection as a PVP but also prevent others from using that variety in breeding. In addition, in some circumstances, the utility patent covers the products of the new patented line crossed with another genetic line.


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